Personal debt consolidation loans -Does debt consolidation help


Online loans for debt consolidation undoubtedly have advantages and specific characteristics of the means of mass communication, which accentuate those already present in the financial instrument itself. First of all it is good to define what the loan for debt consolidation consists of, that is a loan aimed at bringing together in a single installment all the loans taken out for different, finalized and personal purposes, by centralizing the payment in a single bank or financial company so as to have a single installment every month, even wanting to be lower than the total installments previously paid for the various purposes, since it is possible to extend the duration of the amortization period, but at the same time you can increase the total paid, maintaining the same repayment duration considering all ancillary expenses, which must be addressed again with the launch of this other form of loan. Finally, more liquidity can be obtained.

Does debt consolidation help

To enter into a contract for online loans for debt consolidation at, the following signed documents must be present: details and contact details of the lender, interest rate, economic conditions and higher charges in the event of default, amount and method of financing, number , amounts and maturity of the installments, annual percentage rate and conditions for which it could possibly be modified, amount and reason for the charges excluded from the calculation of the Taeg, any guarantees required, any optional insurance coverage and not included in the calculation of the Taeg. It is always preferable, as in the case of consolidation loans normally required in branches, to present a guarantor as a guarantor of the loan or the declaration of the employer to make a fifth of the salary to secure the payment of the installment.

Prerequisites for accessing the loan

Furthermore, as with any other loan, it is necessary to demonstrate its economic soundness by holding an indefinite-term contract of employment and a working period of not less than 12 or 24 months, not having any report to the Central Risk or the Crif as a bad payer or protested, calculate how much the interest earned for the consolidation of debts to be paid. In addition to the amount of the monthly installment and the duration of the amortization schedule, it is also possible to change the interest rate, making it decidedly more advantageous for the present and the future. With this financing, it is possible to obtain a considerable saving compared to the costs of consolidating debts initiated “offline” at the banking or financial institutions since there are no expenses linked to the “physical” offices of the financing bodies and therefore the management costs are lower.


Shearer is one of the online comparison sites also dedicated to debt consolidation : once the amount of the installment and the duration of the amortization have been set on the website, you can quickly find out the amount of the installment to be repaid, choosing the solution in line with the own needs, to then request the loan online; subsequently a consultant contacts the client within 24 hours to communicate the outcome of the feasibility request and indicates the best continuation method (it is important to insert the detailed data relating to one’s own economic and personal/professional position, in the basis of the process) to favor the handling of the practice due to creditworthiness).

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